Chasing Clouds

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Children's Corner, General, Reflections & Celebrations

   As the clouds hung low around the mountains today, I climbed high to meet them.   I drove up the winding road of the foothill.  I sought to capture the view of the mountains encircled within the billowing clouds on an otherwise bluebird day.   As I moved higher in altitude, I was greeted by a crow who hovered comfortably, beautifully, and singularly.  I snapped several shots of the corvid as he toyed with the thermals rising above the rocky outcrop. 

I’ve always loved cloud gazing, especially against a blue sky.  Clouds free my mind and ease my heart.   I feel my creativity stir amidst a cloud-scaped sky!

   Interestingly, I just finished giving one of my favorite lessons on Water to my younger students.  I begin by saying “Water can change into three different states!” with the utmost awe and magic.  Followed by, “It can be a liquid, a solid, or a gas”!  

   One of my favorite analogies to the water cycle is with a self-sealing jar of water with a clear lid that can reveal the result of evaporation in the beads of water that collect at the top and sides of the jar.  I always like to refer to this jar as a mini-water cycle including liquid water, water vapor, condensation, and even “rain”.  “Once the water droplets on the top of the jar get too heavy, what do you think will happen?”  Students love to shout out “rain” at this point! 

   And the water cycle continues in my little jar as we explore and search for water in all three states within nature such as in the form of ice, melting snow, and impressive shaped clouds in the sky!