Desert in Bloom

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Plants, Travel

  Bouquets and arrays of wildflowers dazzled the desert landscape as we drove down Fuller Bottom Road on our way to the put in on the San Rafael River in June.  We saw a solid orange glow of Globe mallow in one area, multiple colors of flowering cacti, lupine, aster, primrose, and even the elusive sego lily!

   This is the kind of glory we can expect after a substantial season of precipitation.  Alas, the persistent days of heavy snowfall this winter have paid off, along with the early spring rains, to grant this rainbow of color in the desert!  We stopped to take many photos of the beautiful floral display! 

   There is nothing quite like a desert wildflower to restore one’s hope in the face of life’s challenges such as the ruggedness of the desert.