Hello, Frost Beings

by | Dec 8, 2023 | General, Reflections & Celebrations

I knew you would be coming soon.  But I didn’t expect to be enchanted so quickly by your unusual beauty.  The sunlight dancing across your crystalline nature sparkles hope for a gracious winter this year. As convex shapes like leaf veins collect more frost, our world becomes outlined in twinkling ice crystals, nature’s prisms!

As the long shadows of winter increase, I am reminded of my autumn oath.  I promised myself that I would find ways to cultivate a healthy relationship with the sun, even though there would inevitably be less of it.  Going for long walks in the bitter cold only to receive glints of sunlight on my rosy cheeks and surrounding myself with bright golden colors were going to be my antidote to the harshness of winter.

As winter continues to ask us to go within deeper and deeper, may the inward journey be blessed with generosity, compassion, gratitude, and benevolence.  May we align with our north star within and make magic into the great night. How can we retreat within our inner sanctuaries and rekindle our wishes for the new year?