Kids that dig it!

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Animals, Children's Corner, Gardening, General

   Children love to dig in the dirt!  In fact, this fundamental activity seems to be therapeutic to all ages.  There are about 1 billion microorganisms in just one teaspoon of top soil.  Earth worms, bacteria, fungi, arthropods, nematodes, archaea, and many more can inhabit the soil that surrounds us by the hundreds and millions.  It is fun to find some of these organisms by simply digging three or four inches deep into the ground. 

   I encourage kids to dig in areas that are open, but also somewhat close to plants, because many invertebrates seem to like the protection and nutrients that foliage can offer.  Therefore, it is more likely that they will find worms, roly polies, ants, and other invertebrates within an established habitat.

   After discovering and observing invertebrates, I always insist that children cover them back up with soil to protect them and so that they can continue to live their lives underground in peace while also adding biodiversity, aeration, and nutrients to the soil. 

   What “treasures” can you find by digging into the soil today?