Nature Journaling in the EcoGarden

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Events, Gardening, General, Reflections & Celebrations

   Smelling leaves, tasting seeds, feeling bark and basking in autumn’s evening glow as we explore the garden and capture our wild curiosity in our trusty journals.  Armed with nothing but our pens and our brilliant awareness, we go forth into the perfectly unperfect garden beckoning our inquisitive nature to tempt us down the trail of curiosity and discovery. 

  Allowing our guard to fall from its post of “having all the answers”, we dare to ask questions and play with vulnerability within the safety of our journals as we turn our attention to very important matters, such as lady bug larvae, the rot of compost, and the flavor of fennel.  Here in the garden, with our journals we can be whoever we want.  We can give our attention to whatever and whoever we want.  And we can sketch and write whatever we want.  We can make friends with our awareness and shine its light on the natural world around us and within us, remembering our true nature.

   On October 23rd we met for the first time to participate in Nature Journaling at Tree Utah’s EcoGarden located near the Day Riverside Library and the Jordan River.  It was a lovely turn out with a wide variety of ages and backgrounds.  I look forward to meeting once a month here throughout the seasons to explore Nature Journaling which is just as much about nature as it is our relationship with it and ourselves.