What mantra are you whispering to the universe?

by | Apr 23, 2023 | Animals, General, Plants, Reflections & Celebrations

   The ring of daffodils around the tree in our front yard, the opening of the penetrating red emperor tulip, and the polyester bees delicately hovering about signaled the herald of spring today!  After a long winter with more than usual snow fall, many of us here in Salt Lake City, Utah are elated at the arrival of spring! Though it is still quite cool at night, and we will likely have a few more nights of frost, there is much evidence of spring finally taking hold such as the precious sight of over 10 baby ducklings quacking their way around the pond with their mom.  Robins pecking at the ground for worms and other life forms that creep through the soil.  Blue jays circling back around for their peanut stashes. The beep, beep calls and “chick-a-dee, dee dee’s “of the chickadee in the tree.  Children and adults biking, skating, and scootering in the streets.  It’s finally time to plant the “cold crops” such as peas, carrots, lettuce, and radishes!  We started our tomato seedlings indoors 2 weeks ago and are pleased to see that they are already a couple of inches tall.  This time I am using grow lights and a hot pad as well as a fan to stimulate resilient stem growth and it seems to really be helping!

   In honor of the pleasant spring weather, I spent a lot of time in Gracie’s Garden (my dearly departed cat) sketching the different plants that are growing as I luxuriated in the sunshine.   One of many things that my cat was excellent at teaching me was the art of being, especially in her garden on a fine sunny day.  I was pleasantly reminded of her frequently today as I basked in the sun, giving my attention to the details of leaf arrangements, venation, and plant placement within Gracie’s Garden. 

As I diligently, yet leisurely, tended to sketching the garden with thorough enjoyment, I couldn’t help but notice the pollen inside the crocus, the tiny ants and tiny bees, and what a universe within universes the garden is!   I was so pleased to notice the presence of the very small polyester bee that I promptly refilled the bee bath with fresh water.  Polyester bees get their name from the nest liner that they produce (one of the first bioplastics discovered)! 

   Females dig nest burrows lined with a waterproof secretion from their abdomen. This liner protects eggs from drowning and prevents nectar and pollen spoilage.  The polyester bee is just one of over 1,000 different species of native bees in Utah!  The majority of these bees are solitary (rather than having a “hive” life like honey bees, the females create their own nests).

   These are the kinds of discoveries that we can make when we allow ourselves to be in the moment and luxuriate in the subtle nuance that surrounds us.  It is within these moments that I often whisper a little mantra to the universe, “May the peace within this moment multiply.”

  What mantra are you whispering to the universe?